RKC CharChamber


What is a CharChamber?

A CharChamber is a beneficial filter that contains sustainably sourced carbon-based media that will remove ammonia, improve water quality, reduce water changes, and encourage beneficial bacteria growth.

By adjusting your air-driven pump, you can increase the oxygen exchange to maintain and increase bacteria diversity.

For use in saltwater and freshwater, quarantine tanks, grow-out tanks, reef tanks, fish-only systems, and seahorse tanks.

• Base chamber
• Media
• Removable sponge filter
• Airstone

Available in:
7″ – for tanks from 10-30 gallons
9″ – for tanks from 30-50 gallons
Wider chamber (heights vary) 50 gallons & up
Custom sizes & extra media available

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RKC Char

50 gallons – $10
100 gallons – $15
200 gallons – $25
1000 gallons – $75

RKC Black Zombie T-shirt & Hoodie

RKC 11 oz. Mug

11 oz., 15 oz., 20 oz. available

Happy CharChamber Customers 👍

It’s only been since his morning I installed my new Robert King’s Clownfish Char Chambers in the Teenies’ tank, and already their water is crystal clear. Thank you Robert! ♥️
Holly M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
So far so good! On day 11 and still kicking. I want to thank Tian Sorg for rescuing me when my rotifer culture crashed. And Robert King’s Clownfish for all his wonderful knowledge to get me this far I could not have done this without either of them! And the awesome RKC Char Chamber keeping my babies healthy and happy!
Seahorses investigating the Robert King’s CharChamber! At first, I had the RKC in the AIO filtration chambers. But Holly told me how much her seahorses enjoyed having it in the tank, so I decided to move it. The seahorses literally started sleeping hitched to the airline so that they can be moved around by the wonderful bubbles and feel that clean, fresh water! Terrible pictures, but I wanted to capture the moment!
Hi guy's . This is my own breed clowns and these two have just discovered there home for the first time , there Nannie 🥰🥰 . This was all possible from following Robert King’s Clownfish and his Char chamber . Also Tian Sorg helped me on many many occasions when Robert was not available . Thanx guys and much love from South Africa ❤ Ps. I have so so many baby clowns now .